The Biggest Lush in England....

No, it's not me!
The Lush Liverpool store is currently the largest Lush store in the UK, and it's very nicely planned out with a welcoming and lovely interior. It's my favourite one to visit, for so many many reasons!
When I visited the Lush Spa recently, I was given a load of nautical themed products to test out, along with some new bits I had yet to try.

I was truly spoilt! I wasn't expecting so much at all, and such a variety of different products too. 
I haven't tried any of these products before, except for Big Blue during my spa treatment, and the Wiccy Magic Muscles massage bar.
I was very excited to delve in, it's given me plenty of excuses for lovely pampering nights!

The colours and designs are lovely in Lush, and as these are the nautical themed products there are plenty of pretty shades of calming blues.
I have of course tested out all of these products to review them here, because I'm just so nice to you...!

Lush are well known for their amazing bath bombs, and bubble bars.
The big blue has an amazing smell, it's used in the Tailor Made Spa treatment, so it helped to transport me back to when we had our treatments and how relaxed I was.
My favourite Lush product is The Comforter, but I've not tried this very similar product so I did "Ooh" when I saw it as it's very similar, it's called Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds and works in exactly the same way, which luckily means you can break off a section and get a few bubble baths out of it, I think I managed to get four baths out of this one product!
The smell is lovely too, and as it's scented with cinnamon leaf oil, it gave that comforting smell of baking. 
I need to do some baking now.

Two of these massage bars are left over from our Spa treatments, you are of course given them to keep after your session.
The Hottie, which is the one on the left with the large bobbly bits, has a lovely smell of Vanilla and warms up when using slightly, to help calm the muscles and was a perfect excuse to ask Edd for a massage!
The Wiccy Magic Muscles is a mix of Cinnamon and Peppermint Oils, helping to relieve aches and pains which has been a life saver recently with all the aches and pains from plenty of train travelling and dodgy hotel beds.
The flowery one is called Each Peach, and is full of loads of citrus oils which makes it smell amazing.
It was the bar I chose to use in my treatment and I smelt lovely for the rest of the day.

As well as looking after my aches and pains, Lush are looking after my teeth and body with these Dirty Tooth Tabs, and this Rub Rub Rub exfoliating shower scrub.
I've never tried their tooth tabs, I wasn't really sure how they worked but now I've finally tried them I am definitely converted!
You chew them between your front teeth for a few seconds before using a wet toothbrush as normal to get the foam going, and I wasn't sure how much difference it would make to regular tooth brushing, but my teeth have been really white since I started using these.
As they come in a handy box they will be really useful for travelling, and as you can also use them with water to make a mouthwash it would be great for festival cleanliness.
Usually when using exfoliators I've used them in the bath which leaves a gritty feeling under your back, and doesn't quite washed off so well.
This shower exfoliator has been a refreshing change from all that, and left my skin feeling really smooth. I even had to bully Edd into trying it out too so I can convert him till we are just using all Lush products!
Luckily he also loved it.

The Sea Vegetable is a soap filled with lavender to give you an antiseptic clean, mixed with Sea Salt for a gentle exfoliation, and finished with seaweed to make your skin soft. 
It's a three in one soap. 
It's a lovely clean, and my skin felt so soft afterwards too.
I've also never tried their shampoo bars either, mainly due to not really being sure how that would really work, and get the clean we need.
Boy, was I wrong!
This Sceanic bar has similar ingredients to the Sea Vegetable, but with lemon instead of lavender. 
The amount of lather was amazing, and I really didn't need to do much to get a good clean. It's quite easy just rubbing the bar itself onto my hair for a good clean, and I can be sure the whole of my head is getting the benefit too.
You can also buy a small case for these bars, which I shall totally be buying for whenever I'm travelling, it shall save me from bad hotel shampoo hair!
The bread like soap is the Movis, and Melissa who was looking after us has been raving about this to me for a while, I can see why now I've used it as my skin is already clearing up and looking fresh and youthful.
It does look a little like rye bread, so I keep it wrapped up to not confuse my flatmates, I keep expecting one of them to move it into the kitchen!
My face is squeaky clean from using this, and I will definitely be making it a regular skin care item, thanks Melissa!

My bath time basket is now lusciously full, and I have even been given the CD that is used in the Tailor Made treatment to play while having a relaxing bath.
I am so happy that Lush are such a big company and are so against animal testing, they even went as far as making sure all the products given to me to try were vegan.
I'm gonna be quite sad when I run out of all of these products, it's been lovely having so many new and exciting things to try out and of course pampering is always nice to do!

Of course I highly recommend all Lush stores and products, but if you ever find yourself in Liverpool you must visit the store, maybe even schedule in a treatment if you can, the visit is an experience in itself, and it's full of lovely warm nice staff members too which makes it all the more reason to go, pop in, grab some stuff, and tell them Harrie says hi!

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