Birthday OOTD and Birthday Haul

On Sunday it was my 29th birthday, yes I am getting old...!!
As Edd and I were in Leeds for a show the night before we decided to make a day out of it with spa treatments and shopping. Sadly the Lush Spa was moving that weekend so our plans fell through somewhat, but we still did plenty of shopping, and I decided to wear all my new lovely things that Edd had bought for me!

First stop was coffee after a night out!
Of course we had to hit the Victorian Quarter, one of the prettiest shopping arcades left in the UK.
I think every town needs one of these.

The details and architecture is just beautiful, plus the added bonus that it's filled with the more upmarket and designer shops works perfectly for an indulgent shopping trip.
If you are ever in Leeds you must visit, even if all you buy there is a coffee!

Usually I wouldn't wear heels for shopping, but as they were one of my birthday gifts I felt the need to skip around Leeds in these Zara heels.
They are currently in the sales but have sold out online, check out your local stores as there are still some floating around.
They were a bargain at £25.99 and are the perfect Miu Miu dupe on the high street.
I teamed them with a pair of Zara black skinny jeans that I've been practically living in since I bought them.

They were a gift from Edd who bought it to match the Zara jacket that I had been lusting after for months! I had been keeping an eye on it waiting for it to hit the sales, and Edd nabbed it for £59.99 rather than the full priced £89.99 it was when we first saw it months ago.
It was on my birthday wish list, and I'm so happy to have finally got it in my possession!
Usually I'm not a pink girly girl, but I love the soft biker jacket punk edge while still being so dainty and pastels.

As well as gifts from Edd, I also received this beautiful tassel necklace* from Psyche in a pale gold.
It manages to look both art deco and bohemian at the same time.
Usually I'm not a big fan of gold products, but this is such a beautiful shade and such an interesting design I just absolutely love it.
As well as jewellery they also provide a huge amount of designer bits and pieces and are currently hosting a huge sale where you can pick up so many bargains!
The jewellery section is beautiful enough but be sure to check them out, you'll be drooling for days.

The gift I knew I was getting and have been wearing ever since is my new Lulu Guinness Verity bag in cream! I've become a bit of a fan of smaller bags with the bare essentials in, after years of lugging around giant handbags that have caused nothing but neck and shoulder pains I've started to downsize and carry only what I'll really need.

I've been lusting after this bag for a while, and once it hit the sales it was excitable squealing yelp noises from me, to which my lovely and very patient husband responded by buying it for me, tho I wasn't allowed it until the day of my birthday!
Luckily for us we nabbed the last one, but I have spotted it still in store and on concessions!
It's been taunting me with it's sheer presence till now but I'm so in love with it.

It's the little details that make Lulu Guinness bags so special, the lipstick really set it off wonderfully, and I just had to buy myself a purse to go with it while the sale is still in full swing!
I want so much more, but sadly my budget does not allow.
Now it's onto the haul, we didn't want to spend the whole day posing and finding locations, plus Edd was a little bit hungover and required naps wherever, Starbucks, Trains...etc!

Another present that I was given early was my Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume, I've actually been using it and wearing it everyday for the past few months, but it was a gift from Edd so it still counts!
It's so girly and fresh smelling, I really can't wait till I have a beautiful dressing table to add it onto and make a beautiful girly display.

More proof that I was spoilt, I got not one but two perfumes! 
After visiting the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition with Edd, and him receiving the male version of this perfume for his birthday he decided to buy me a matching one.
I grew up enamoured with the vintage style and opulence of the adverts for these perfumes, something I told Edd while at the exhibit, and it's so sweet that he remembered and bought one for me too!
The smell is a lot more grown up and seductive than my Daisy perfume, I love that I have the options now between four different scents.

I'm sure everyone who reads this knows exactly how much I love Lush, so when Edd took me to the Leeds store with a budget of £50 to stock up I went a little bit wild.
There were so many things I wanted I actually blew through that budget so quickly! 
Of course there is far more than in this photo, I stocked up on more shampoo bars, finally picked up a conditioner bar so we can make our bathroom bottleless, and of course the usual bath bombs and bubble bars! 

One brand new thing I did pick up from Lush that I had never tried before was some of the make up paint pots. I use the mascara religiously now, as it's stopped my eyes from getting constantly irritated and infected, so I thought it was about time I tried out some of the other items.
This is a lovely lip paint pot, the colour is so interesting as it's such a vintage shade of raspberry that borders between red and pink that you can easily match it to any outfit without fear of clashing.
I blot once applied to give it a more matte finish and I'm totally converted. It has lived on my face and in my handbag ever since.
I totally recommend it, and with rumours of a black eyeliner coming soon I will definitely be trying that out once it's available.

I got some extra shots of this stunning necklace, I've not been one for the long necklace trend but this perfectly matches so many outfits I'm sure it's going to be a regular accessory.
This necklace was only £34.99, but in their current sale theres many bargains to be had, including designer sunglasses, Ted Baker Accessories and so much more.
I shall be keeping my eye on this website, and it's now bookmarked onto my favourites bar for good.
I got loads more things too this year, which I'm sure you'll be seeing in outfit posts that will come soon!!
Also thank you to everyone for all my birthday well wishes! <3
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