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When I visit Liverpool I'll try to catch up with old friends who I rarely get to see, one such friend owns her own shop in the building referred to as Grand Central, but referred to as Quiggins despite Quiggins being a completely different owner and building which closed down about 7 years ago.
Her store had now split into two stores, one selling computer gaming bits and pieces, and the other selling comic can see now why we get along!
When I visited recently I popped by but a new jewellery case caught my eye that had appeared since my last visit, and Lucy told me all about her new habit of working in her shops all day, and then going home to make jewellery bits. I nodded and tried to listen while internally I was squeeing "Oh my god, Totoro necklace! Adventure Time, argh oh my god!!".
Of course I was hooked, I ended up buying three necklaces and some charms as I knew so many people who would also love these.

Yes people, it's a time turner...! 
I bought two of these originally, one for me, and one for Toria from The Toria Show who's birthday was coming up.
 As I fidget a lot this spinning necklace is a fidgeters dream, it spins! It's got an egg timer in it! It spins in different directions!
As I can't keep still when I was wearing this and talking to my little sister (who is actually called Hermione) she instantly honed in on it asking if it was actually a time turner, and she got rather excited about it so of course I just had to take it off and give it to her, I could always get another one for myself.

A week later I was talking to my flatmate and doing the exact same spinning necklace thing and he did the exact same thing, asking where it was from for his girlfriend and friends.
It seems to have the same response from anyone who recognises it, and I've been pointing people towards the site for quite some time.
The name of the site is of course TorAthena, and is has loads of new items constantly going up with various nods towards cult fandoms like Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and of course Harry Potter!

This necklace is so pretty that I've been wearing it pretty regularly, it's almost like secret geek code as only few may recognise it! It's also a complete bargain at only £4.99!
It's definitely cheap, but it also definitely doesn't look it.
It's an all round winner in my book.

As well as the classic looking jewellery, there were loads of charms from all kinds of different TV shows and films, from current cartoons that adults have taken over (you all watch them, you know you do) to Manga, and Disney Princesses!

I couldn't resist these Adventure Time charms! There were so many and loads of different characters, I snapped up a few for me, and two for my little sister too who was surprised to find out that I also watch Adventure Time.
I got us one of each of the Fiona charms, a Lumpy Space Princess charm for me, because I saw it and thought "Oh My Glob!" so just had to.
For my little sister I bought a Beemo charm too that was really cute, I may have to get another one for me.

I decided to have them as charms so I could clip and pop them onto whatever I felt like, but they can also be ordered in Earrings, Necklaces or as key rings!
I want to have a little collection of them now tho, as there was so much choice I did feel the need to collect them all, and at only £2.99 each it may be an easy task to complete.
Tho I'm not entirely sure what to clip them to yet, maybe I'll have to make an Adventure Time charm bracelet?

I clipped them onto my purse but now my Lulu Guinness purse may look a bit strange with a Lumpy Space Princess on it, so I need to find a good home for these and all the others I shall most likely collect!! 
As I told my little sister where they were from too, I'm sure many school kids are now collecting them, and since theres more than one series to collect it's a good thing they're pocket money price.
How much do kids get pocket money wise tho nowadays...? I used to get £3 a week!

Lucy asked me if I liked Doctor Who, when I answered yes she slipped these Doctor Who themed earrings in my bag. They are of course a Fez and a Bow Tie, so references the more Matt Smith era Doctor Who.
I preferred Tom Baker myself, but it's pretty hard to wear scarves on your ears!

As you can see, Lucy really has all the right bases covered, and plenty of others not shown here too!
You can buy directly at Lucy's store, Level Up in Grand Central Liverpool, or buy online.
As it's still relatively new, I just know there's so much more to come, geeky trinkets at bargain prices from an independent retailer who is also a friend and lovely lady?
Many points awarded here!
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