Girly daywear in Bristol

We were in Bristol a few weeks ago, actually there to house hunt and I was hoping when I posted this we would have good news and a new place to live, but sadly it's jut suddenly fell through and we are back to square one!
Bristol is a beautiful city, and I imagine it would be a lovely place to live, it's the perfect backdrop for outfit posts...!

As we were walking around and viewing a lot of places, I opted for a fairly sensible running around outfit, which of course means no heels! 
These Zara pumps match well with the navy skirt, and they are so comfy too.
The Navy have sold out now sadly, but the red pair are available at only £10 in their amazing sale, I want everything.
It was also quite a warm day too so light and airy was the perfect combination for the day.

My laser cut clutch is from Boohoo, it's so cute but also big enough to fit everything I need into it, including my iPad mini that we were using to look up more places.
Sadly it has now sold out in stores, but it may be released in other colours, as it had also been available in pink before this white version.

The necklace* is from Chimeric Garnish, who I have featured before on this blog, and I absolutely love it. I loved the stark contrast between what is quite a girly outfit, and classic looking due to the wood cut but also a fun touch of T-Rex's poking out of my shirt collar. 
They are so well made, and the detailing is amazing too. 
Be sure to check out their wide range over at Etsy!

I had my eye on this ASOS skirt for ages, and luckily for me they had a discount code offer so I treated myself! 
It's really quite versatile, and goes well with everything I've tried it with so far. It also comes in an oyster with black polka dots which I may have to get simply due to the easy wearability and classic vintage style look it gives.

The shirt is one of those Primark blouses I keep wearing, I have them in four different colours now but it comes in so many more.
They are very easy to throw on and with all the colour options they can change a whole look very easily. As they are so lightweight they are easy to pack too so they are the perfect item to throw into your luggage for a trip away. 

I've stuck to my failsafe Quay sunnies, also from ASOS and pinned my hair back with this Primark hair bow, I know, I've double primarked...!
I loved spending some time out of London, seeing plenty of greenery and relaxing away from the hustle and bustle. 
It's a shame our prospective flat fell through (which is why I've had a not so great week mentioned in my previous post) but I enjoyed the time we did get to spend there.
Now to wait and see what the future holds for us!
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