Ciate Lab - It's Science B*tch!

I couldn't resist a Breaking Bad reference then...!
I had been lusting after the box of delights that is Ciaté's Nail lab, a compact silver box full of potions and tricks for your nails where you can get your science on, and create unique nail looks.

Inside it contains all the tools you would need to create master works of nail art, from glitter dabbing, tools to draw and paint designs, sponges for ombre nails, and so much more.
Along with plenty of cute nail colour miniatures, with six colours to choose from, plenty of clear topcoats to play with, and an amazing amount of different colours and styles of glitter, it is the envy of every toddler with too much PVA glue and a love for the shiny.

The kit is only available online, and comes with a price tag of £65.00, luckily however during one of their amazing flash sales (keep an eye out for them, I always get so much!) I picked it up for a bargain £25.00! 
If you can find it during a sale nab at least one up, you'll want one for yourself but these would give you major brownie points as gifts.

The lab element really comes into play in the last drawer, this is the drawer filled with tools, petri dishes, funnels, and test tubes.
As well as making nail art, you can actually make your own unique polish, tho I would recommend using some of the recipe card instructions first so you can get used to making your own concoctions.
Theres even the small metal balls you add to help mix your polish, which we all know of from years of nail polish collecting!

It's a handy little table too for doing all your nail art doodles, I had a quick go but my hand isn't quite so steady, I think I shall need lots of practise!
Luckily for me I have plenty of Ciaté's various colours in my collection so I'm hoping with these tools I can become a nail art master.

To help me along with the nail art designs, inside there are these handy guide cards with various ideas to try for loads of different looks, which you can use to practise with and take inspiration from, I shall be trying out a couple, and fingers crossed!
I shall share any great ones (after much practise for a steady hand) to my Instagram.
As well as nail art cards, there are recipe cards for mixing and making your own nail polish!

Of course I had to try one out, so I set about mixing a red glittery polish, using the miniature Mistress colour and three different shades of glitter.
There is even a scooper for glitter!

I popped a test tube into the holder and started to scoop the various glitters in, it is quite fun, I can imagine that this would have been the most mazing thing ever when I was a teenager who collected loads of nail polishes and changed it every few days.
I'm thinking I should try and snap this up again for my younger sister if it makes it into a flash sale again.

I got a little messy...!
I'm going to be playing with this set constantly now, Edd may even have to suffer some nail art master pieces.
There is endless things you can do with this set, and it's a great starter kit too if you want to turn your hand to nail art.
Keep your eyes peeled, if this makes it back into the sales snap it up, or if you've got enough and want to invest in one, I'm pretty sure you won't regret it.
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