£150 outfit....

Sounds like a lot, especially to those who manage to pull off head to toe Primarni, or even rock some well selected charity shop finds, but these days £150 doesn't really go a long way.
I like to mix up my bargains with vintage or second hand, but I also have those few non expensive staples to see me through too.
With a little bit of savvy shopping, bargain hunting, and just general cheapskate-ness I managed to put together a whole outfit for £150, it would have cost me a lot more if it wasn't for hunting out the best deals available.
Sadly I couldn't do as thorough an outfit post as I usually would, but the weather was not on our side at all that day (despite my weather app telling me there was 0% chance of rain...) so this is a rather micro outfit post!

Great photo of Jake, not so much of me!
I can't be without skinny jeans, after spending some of the 90's and early 2000's looking for skinny jeans, back then they were no where to be found, I am quite happy that now so many types and variants are available.
My favourites are these Zara basic black jeans, not only comfortable in fit, but the added extra of the zips on the sides at the ankles making them easier to get on and off, without compromising that skinny fit.
These cost £30 and this is the second pair I've bought, after living in the first pair for the past year.

The biker jacket is about 40 year old, handed down from my uncle, to my aunt, and now to me.
It's very very battered, and no longer zips up due to all the zipper teeth falling out, but I love it so very much.
I get a lot of compliments on this jacket all the time, and I love how it has somewhat of a family history to it as well, it being the jacket my aunt was wearing when she came off her bike, she was okay of course but partly thanks to this very jacket!
Items like this are so very unique and sentimental, it's worth asking family if they have an amazing piece tucked away somewhere.

I use any opportunity I have to wear this shirt, I'm such a big fan of leopard print but it's so hard to find it done well.
It was in Topshop stores a while ago, priced at £42. I missed it in the stores but I doubt I would have shelled that much out really for one item.
I took to eBay as there are quite a few resellers of such items, especially if popular, and this plus it's red counterpart is on there a plenty!
In the end this shirt cost me £19.99, £22.98 with shipping saving nearly £20 on the original cost.
The red counterpart is available in some stores at only £14.99 too, so you can grab a bargain.

I wrote about this Leather Satchel Co. oxblood satchel when I first got it, and I still love it.
Handmade locally to me too, but available all over the country including online at ASOS, and of course their own online store.
It was from their online store that I picked up this bag at an absolutely bargain price of £60, they regularly have sales of their pre made bags at amazing prices, and as they are so well made you'll feel like you've nabbed an absolute steal for ages.
Check out their March Sale page, and keep checking back to find your dream satchel.

The boots are Bronx, available in a few stores but I got these at a bargain price of £50 instead of their usual £100 price tag.
I bought them online from ASOS.com and have well worn them ever since.
I haven't worn them for a while as the cut out design isn't so great in winter, and I found yesterday not so much in the rain either...!
This makes the grand total a little over £150 at £159.98 not including the shipping, but still for a full outfit it's not too bad at all.

I promise now the weather is getting better to try and do some more outfit posts, as I know they have been somewhat lacking the past few months, but I didn't think me in 20 layers would have looked so great!
Michelin Man Chic.
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