My Little Dream Box...

I'm a bit of a francophile, which these My Little Box's feed rather well every month when they come through the door.
Parisian packages all the way from France, they are the essence of cool chic in a petite package that is jam packed full of the cutest accessories, the most charming little curios and only the best in beauty products.

This months instalment is the My Little Dream Box, with the emphasis on dreaming big and aspiring for your goals, including the link to their sister website where you can write yourself a letter that will be emailed to you in a years time.
I worry for me that may just be depressing...!
The items inside are adorable and makes me glad to still have a subscription with them, some of the boxes have been a bit miss lately, but this one is a huge hit.

I think this is my favourite item in this months box, a changeable stamp with plenty of french phrases, clouds (but they'll be black?!) and more, plus of course a black ink pad.
This will come in very handy when I'm writing all my wedding thank you notes, I just hope they can read french....!

This white cloud claimed to have a surprise inside, of course I ripped that open soon as I could to find this Delphine Pariente medallion inside.
Delphine specialises in simple gold charms, with most designs starting about €65 for a gold plated charm necklace.
For some reason I don't think these ones are gold plated, but they are still very sweet none the less, and I'll be wearing this today.
Bonne ├ętoile is french for Lucky Star, hence the teeny adorable little star on the charm.

The beauty bags that come inside these boxes are always full of surprises, with a fair amount of French make up and beauty brands you may have not heard of, and also their own beauty range My Little Beauty throwing in many surprises.
This is again a well filled mix of treats in one cotton bag.

Lou Lesage is a french actress and singer, who may well become your new style icon if you google her!
Loved By is a company that makes products inspired by and alongside performers, models, and bloggers who add their names to their own personalised products.
This is such a beautiful deep red lip gloss, it gives that 'made out for an hour' look on the lips, slightly raw but is quite a sexy way.
This shall be making it's way into my regular rotation, and I will cry when it runs out and I can't buy anymore.

I couldn't figure out what this was at first, as all the instructions and writing was in only French, but it turns out to be a hair mask, something I think my hair desperately needs!
It's full of shea butter and refined walnut oils to give the hair strength and shine from root to tip.
I'll be giving my quite damaged hair a go with this and report back in my next blog how I find it, and as you know you can expect a very honest review.

A rather tropical looking surprise hidden in this months box, a solid perfume by Le Soft Perfume a company based in of course Paris.
These perfumes are also sold in Selfridges which has the full range of their perfumes.
Alcohol and paraben free, these perfumes are made up of plant extracts and are quite moisturising and calming too.
This particle scent includes pink peppercorn, bergamot, jasmine and violet to create a playful floral scent with a bit of a pop.
To buy these cost £20 each, so make the box an absolute bargain on this alone.

I think you'll agree that this is a lovely and jam packed full box, costing only £11.00 per box, but with £3.95 postage too, each box says it's worth over £65 in its contents so its a pretty sweet deal.
I can't imagine not getting this box anymore, it's just completely adorable and cheers up my day every time it arrives.
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