Primark's P.S Love Your Nails Range

Recently I popped to my local primark, during half term like I had some manner of death wish, looking for some interesting bits for the home after being drawn in by flamingo and pineapple cushions in the window.
The homeware was sadly somewhat lacking this trip, but I did stumble over the newly laid out and seemingly newly added to collection of beauty products.
I needed some new nail care bits, at with a range that costs around £1.00 per item, my stocking up went slightly overboard and I spent the ridiculous sum of £11.80....whoops!

I started with the basics, things we nail growers always need but never seem to have/ have lost/ the dogs chewed them up etc. 
Does anyone else's pets have a thing for nail buffers?
For only £1.00 each you can get all the basics, and usually in packs of at least two as wells they'll last you a bit longer. They also seem to be pretty good quality too, glass nail files are my preferred file as they aren't quite as harsh as emery boards.
The buffers are so easy to use and left my nails super shiny that I was pretty impressed, they are a definite on my repurchase list.

The photo doesn't actually do justice to the shine of my nails after I used the buffer, the files also worked beautifully being thin enough to use well, I have had some glass files in the past that were a little too thick that makes it hard to manipulate around the nail and get a good shape with.
The orange sticks come in a pack of 20, quite a lot really, and work as well as you expect them to.
There's no pointed ends of them tho which is a shame as they are the ideal price for those who want to use them for nail art.

I couldn't resist this cute little bottle, it looks absolutely adorable and as a bonus it's also a scented nail polish, this particular shade is Poppy and does have quite a nice floral scent so saves from that nasty strong nail polish smell.
Again it was only £1.00, as were the top coat and nail corrector pen, the fast dry spray was only 80p!
It went on fairly well, and does have quite a lovely scent which stayed on the nails for the rest of that day and into the next day.
The shade is a little more orange than I prefer, but there was a few different colours to choose from in the scented nail polish range, including some cute pastel colours.

Topcoat is a must, tho I wasn't sure I could really count too highly on a topcoat that costs only £1...!
The top coat has a lot of shine to it, the polish itself was somewhat matte so this gave it a nice shiny finish and made it somewhat less 'cheap' looking.
The nail corrector pen is a life saver, I've never been one to 'colour in the lines' and get a lot of smudges that can be really annoying.
The nail corrector costs £1.00 and comes with three replacement nibs too, which is great as I've bought more expensive ones in the past that become saturated with a colour of polish that it just spreads a thin layer of the colour onto the skin.

While there I spotted a reduced item that had me double taking.
Cuticle temporary tattoos! Recently a bit of a hot trend but not too easy to find, the triangle ones looked cute enough to make me willing to shed another pound of cash, tho the heart ones don't really add anything in my opinion. Kinda boring...!
As well as the tattoos for under the nails, theres also extras for an accent nail, but I think that may look a bit odd if you had them on every nail.

They look a bit overly shiny which is a shame, if they worked better they'd look slightly more realistic, well as realistic as bright gold fake tattoos could look!
They were a little tricky to line up, but do have a guide on the back to try and line it up better.
I can see why they were on sale tho as they just came off pretty much straight away.

24 hours later..
So they didn't hold up too good, to be fair I do have my hands in and out of water all day in work but still they were flaking off just on the way to work in big flakey chunks.
They would be ideal for a night out if you want sweet smelling nails complimented with the fake tattoos, but I wouldn't bother for every day polishes.
I bought some false nails too, maybe I'll be lazy and stick with them for a while without worry for chips, just the odd lost nail!
In conclusion the tools are brilliant, do their job and don't cost the earth but the polishes and tattoos aren't durable tho I did enjoy the smell from the scented polish while it lasted.
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