Hello Harriet Kitten Nails...

Everyone knows I'm quite the cat lover, from my collection of kitsch cat vases to my finger tattoos that say 'LOVE CATS', so when I discovered the amazing Etsy store for Hello Harriet I was just a little over excited for the entire range available.
I already have and love the Horray tote bag, and had been eyeing up many of their items such as their dresses which I'm sadly not able to invest in at £90, but for only £8 I could buy this set of 40 kitty nail transfers.

Each design was hand drawn by Hello Harriet with pencils, and used throughout the whole range of products, and each one is completely adorable.
If cats aren't your thing there is plenty of other options too, from pug nails, bunny nails, and even sloths with word transfers that spell out 'LIVE SLOW'.
There's also options for temporary tattoos, plenty of tote bags, iPhone cases, dresses and much more!
So now it's time to apply the transfers.

First things first, nail preparation.
I love Essie's nail base coats, you can pick them up at bargain prices from places like TK Maxx or online at fragrance direct.
I always start with 'Nourish Me' to add a bit of goodness into the nails and hopefully make them a bit stronger, I then top this with 'Rock Solid' which makes a great base coat.

To bring out the transfers on the nails a light colour is always best, luckily I recently picked up this Ciate Cream Soda, a light and delicate grey that is the perfect base to make those kitties really pop.
I painted on about three coats to keep them looking smooth and completely covered, especially as light colours can tend to look more streaky or not settle onto the nails properly.

To use the transfers cut them out as close to the kittens as possible, they have a range of sizes too so you can comfortably fit them onto all of your nails, it can be a little fiddly as they are quite small.
The main problem I had was trying to choose which ones to use as there are so many different and cute designs to choose from.

Peeling off the plastic can be a little fiddly, especially if your nails maybe aren't 100% dry yet!
Carefully peel them off while making sure you don't let the transfer get stuck to anything else as they are a little tacky to make them stick to the nails easier, but means you have to be extra careful when placing them onto the nails too.

Place the transfer gently onto the nail, ensuring they are getting placed on in the right place and position.
Press them down onto the nails to make them stick before the next step.

Using a sponge or wet cloth dab it gently onto the back of the transfer, this reminded me a lot of doing all those temporary tattoos as a child which obviously stuck with me into adulthood into some not so temporary ones.

After a few seconds the paper from the transfer will easily slide off the nail leaving the transfer behind.

When they are all done they may look a little bubbly, don't fret as this will sort itself out no problem with the final step.

Adding a top coat really helps the smooth out the look of the transfers, plus it helps the edges of the transfers blend in better with the rest of the nails.

I totally love the end affect of these, and will be flashing my kitten nails about as often as possible while they last.
They can easily be removed with nail polish remover when the time comes to say goodbye to the kitties, but with 40 transfers in the packet you can be adding kittens into your manicure for a while yet to come.
Are you a kitten, bunny, pug or sloth nails girl?!
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