Swinging Sixties in Liverpool...

I love it when something coordinates perfectly, so when shopping while wearing this coat one day in Camden I came across these shoes in Office on sale, of course I had to get them!
Matching outfits have become somewhat a thing of the past until the last year or so when co-ordinated outfits came back into fashion.
I love matching them as I feel like the outfit is so much more put together, plus what are the chances of finding a pair of sensible flats that match your coat?!

The coat is a Motel swing coat that I picked up a few years back, I love the 60's swing style of it, especially as it's a style thats not often seen.
It's lightweight so great for this time of year when it's warmer but not completely free of chills and wind gusts.
It was quite windy when we shot these, as my fringe gives away somewhat!

I teamed it with my trusty 'when not at work and carrying 10,000 things' handbag, a birthday gift of a Lulu Guinness handbag, complete with a lipstick charm, that matches well with everything due to it's lovely cream colour.
It also matched very nicely with the cream colour of the ice cream vans parked up near the docks of Liverpool.
It's still not warm enough to go without tights just yet, but I'm kinda just glad to no longer be in thermal leggings every day to try and keep warm.

A piece of scenery that also matches my coat shoes combo...!
You can see with the close up just how much the shoes match, the pom poms aren't quite as pom-pomey as they once were, but enough to make jake (the puppy) follow my feet about when wearing them at home.
Office always have great sales on, and these cost only £20 but are quite well made and very comfy too.

Under the coat I was rocking my big christmas gift this christmas just gone, my Coco Fennell French Maid dress that I had been drooling over for a while, and this did not go unnoticed by Edd who bought it for me.
It costs £65, and is still available in their online store alongside many other amazing dresses that I also want due to their 60's and 70's vibe.
Available in sizes 6-14, I'm always happy when a company does dresses in teeny sizes, as I do often have trouble finding clothes to fit properly, but it is a shame there isn't options for over size 14.

Any 60's outfit must be complimented with a beehive...it's the rules!
I love a good beehive, the bigger the hair the closer to heaven, but I prefer a messy beehive over a perfectly structured one as it looks more modern.
Also when it comes to make up I prefer a winged liner, varying in thickness but always with a flick at the end.

I'm hoping it will keep getting warmer so I can do more outfit posts, as I know there hasn't been many of late, but I'm also still saving for the wedding meaning I'm not buying much in the way of clothes recently, I wouldn't want to bore with the same items constantly!
It also means I can ditch the tights and layers, I really can't wait!
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