Christmas Decorations on the Cheap...

Usually I'm not one for christmas, I'd shout Bah Humbug with the best of them but this year I decided to try out that thing called christmas spirit and embrace it wholeheartedly. 
This included a generous splurge on christmas gifts (family, I have spoiled you), gearing up for christmas day, and for the first time ever, me and Edd buying and decorating a christmas tree!
So after splurging on so many gifts, budgeting was a must this year and so I set myself a mission, one I shall now share with you all, and this was to hunt down the best budget christmas decorations the high street has to offer.

Home and Bargains is a super amazing budget store that originated in Liverpool, my home town, and also the store where I got my first job at the age of 16, stacking and cleaning shelves...!
They have since popped up all over the place now, and are spreading out to other towns and cities.
If you popped into a store you would totally understand why.
I popped in and found some amazing and for my taste, kitsch items to adorn our tree, including this glitter angel for only £2.99 that I decided would make the perfect tacky tree topper.
The miniature bird houses I thought were a cute touch to our tree, tho no teeny tiny birds have yet come to nest in them.
No christmas tree is complete without candy canes, and at 69p for a box of 12 we just had to get them.
Total - £5.67

I came across these decorations somewhat unexpectedly while browsing in Tesco.
They were £1 each and on a 3 for 2 offer, but I couldn't resist this laser cut style wooden heart with a scene of deers in a forest, teamed with this pink leaping glitter deer (glittery deers is where it's at). 
I couldn't really find anything else that I liked so much for the free item, but I figured that you can't go wrong with a classic victorian style nut cracker.
Total - £2.00

Of course Primark was going to be on the list...!
It seems every year in primark is better than the last, with some lovely items of clothing coming out of there constantly, you no longer have to whisper that it's primark these days, especially as it has somewhat of a buy it before it's too late feel nowadays, people are just jealous you managed to nab that item while it was there.
Primark supplied the perfect little fillers to our tree, with this 27 piece red bauble set (available in other colours too!) for a measly £1.50, 8 glittery gold baubles for £2.00, some red LED lights in the shape of reindeers for £3.00, and some last minute grab probably wouldn't have bought if I'd thought about it more felt woodland animals for £3.00.
I got a lot, and had a bag full after this splurge, but I wouldn't recommend the felt animals as they weren't very well made and all the stuffing was poking out, but I just cannot fault the rest at all.
Need your fillers? Get to Primark.
Total - £9.50

 Top of my very impressed with cute as items at bargain prices shop is Wilkos, more than just that shop you go to for cheap whatevers, Wilko's has become the perfect place to grab all your home ware while keeping your house cute and chic.
I went rather overboard in Wilko's as there was so much choice I kinda wanted everything.
I had to have the bell wreath, it looks perfect on the back of my living room door (where it would be more appreciated) and caused a whole load of amusement jingling away as I carried on through town.
I also bought these matching bell ornaments for the tree as they were lovely colours, polka dot, and generally adorable. At £3.50 can you blame me?
I also nabbed these barge jug inspired woodland animal wooden ornaments in a box of 6 for only £3.00 and they look so cute on the tree.
As you can see from the first picture I also bought three individual ornaments to mix it up a little, with the flowery bauble for only £1.00 (there was also a set of them), the little house ornament for £2.00, and a little felt red riding hood for £2.00 that was a much better quality.
Total - £19.50

We also grabbed a £15 plastic "it'll do" tree in wilkos for £15, but you can't see it just'll just have to wait till Sunday for even more....!
Total of this christmas decoration shopping splurge £36.67.
How are you decorating your tree?
Will it be full of Bah Humbugs or christmas sparkle?

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