Double Lucky Dip Club..!

Strap yourselves in guys, it's gonna be a loooong post....!

I've loved every Lucky Dip Box I've had since the very first came through my door, each month these slim boxes hold a surprisingly large array of items and pieces that each box bursts out in colourful kitsch fun, that add some joy on that one day a month that it pops itself through the door.
This month I received not one, but two Lucky Dip Club boxes through the letter box, one their regular monthly installment, a circus themed one for this month, and a special one off Cat Box in association with Hello Harriet.

As someone who has worked alongside a lot of circus performers (including my fiancé) I was excited and curious to see the insides of this circus box when it was announced.
Luckily I was not disappointed, something I never seem to be with my monthly Lucky Dip Club subscription.

Every box starts with a handwritten card inside, all of which are lovely and collectable, I put them up over my desk as they all say such lovely things and look so adorable too.
But as Leona (the mind behind Lucky Dip Club) packs all of the up to 800 boxes herself it really shows how much love and dedication she is putting into these boxes.

Inside was a sea of colours, with the packaging inside fitting with the circus theme, and the contents being both fun but practicable too, with nods towards the christmas season without it being awash with christmas colours and themes.

I love this colourful foldaway fan (I'm not too sure what to call it, fan, flower, ornament...?!) and I'm searching for the perfect home to display it in.
Although more fun than practicable it is perfect inside this box!
There was also a harlequin inspired personalised initial keychain, every box features a personalised item which is a lovely touch to what is a handpicked handmade box.

Matching the harlequin keyring is this lovely little desk pad, perfect for me to jot down any ideas, tho it'll probably be my usual list of numbers of photo's to include in blogs such as this one!

Get your thank you's at the ready after this christmas season with these adorable circus animal themed postcards, there's even some envelopes inside the box in case you want to keep your notes away from any nosy postman's eye...!
For that extra special gift comes this Thank You card adorned with balloons and a lovely touch to this not very christmassy but sent in the christmas time frame box.

Have a very special gift of your own to send?
Why not use this cute harlequin wrapping paper and pom pom gift tag kit, making your gifts stand out and adding a personal crafty touch to those gifts you lovingly chose.
All in all this box is perfect for this time of year, and anyone who loves a bit of fun, colour, and kitsch to liven up their day.

Need something to tape the wrapping paper with? 
Well Leona even has you covered there, with this lovely brown paper slogan sticky tape that'll add an extra bit of charm to your wrapping.
And now it's onto the second box, and very excitingly for me, it's a cat themed one!

Made alongside Hello Harriet (not me, I wish I could draw that well!) a cat loving etsy seller who's shop is totally worth checking out.
This is the second instalment of the Lucky Dip Cat Box, and I really hope it isn't the last!
This is LDC's first box collaboration, but I'm sure plenty of other people will soon be lining up for the chance to work together and get their work out to a whole new audience.
I'm already planning some purchases from

I guess it is party season (where are all my invites...!?!) so cat in a party hat seems to sum it all up nicely in my opinion!
I'm a big lover of tote bags, eco friendly, more convenient and far more interesting than a plastic tescos bag, already this tote has had a few comments after I started using it immediately, of course I started to use it straight away, look at it!

You lot know I love my brooches, and cats, so a cat brooch?!?! Perfect!
It's so utterly adorable that I have been wearing it every chance I get, and also pointing it out any chance I get in case anyone somehow misses the amazing brooch I'm wearing that day.
Inside the bag there was also a little thank you card from Hello Harriet with a different cat illustration on the other side (this lady likes her cats...!).

With only 200 of these boxes having been made I'm so glad I managed to nab one, I would have cried otherwise after seeing everyone else's on the instagram hashtag.
If you still haven't subscribed to LDC yet, prepare yourselves for an early start new years day, if they go on sale on the 1st like they usually do each month and is your only chance once a month to grab a subscription. 
Either set your alarms early, or just stay up all night!
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