Jake the Puppy Update...!

Since my first post about Jake the Puppy, some time has passed where we have bonded, he's grown bigger, smarter, and naughtier!
I thought today I shall update you with plenty of photo's, and my how he's grown! 
He's still tiny tho.

He steals everything, from slippers, to socks, and even receipts!

He has absolutely no awareness of personal space....at all.

He sleeps a lot, it's his favourite thing to do.

He's very curious and gets in the way a lot when I'm trying to shoot photo's for posts etc...!

He's gone on quite a few walks with us now since he has had all his injections and microchipping, he loves going to the park to play with all the other doggies.

He's now getting big enough to jump up on the furniture on his own, we aren't certain thats a good thing....

Anything can be a toy in Jakes eyes, ribbons especially are a favourite.

We absolutely love him, he is such an important part of the family already, I just wish I could spend more time with him.

We are dog people.
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