Alternative Xmas Decorations....

After my last post on Wednesday, showing more cute yet fairly traditional decorations on a budget, I decided to make another, showing some lovely alternatives that I picked up this year, alongside the decorated tree itself!

As you can see, our tree is pretty eclectic, but it is meant to be a season of fun, nostalgia, and celebration which is why I picked a lot of decorations to suit us three (me, Edd and Jake) and our lives together so far.

My hunt started in Paperchase, where there is a wide range of silly yet fun ornaments, and all on offer of three for two.
I picked three that I thought signified us a lot...!

As me and Edd lived in London when we first got together, a London bus ornament was perfect for us, tho our usual bus home was the 26 it is close enough! 
This cost only £2.50 but it's quite a large ornament too so well worth it.

When we first got together we spent a lot of time in my tiny shoe box room over on Abbey Road (yes, that one, no not near the zebra crossing tho!) I had quite a collection of glittery and ornamental deers adorning the shelves above my bed.
This lead to Edd calling me Bambi for a while, so another deer seemed quite apt, and this made my two ornaments three.
Again this was £2.50.

Of course after I saw this chihuahua ornament I had to buy it!
Jake is a new addition to the family, but he's bought so much joy to us already I can't imagine life without him.
This was a little more than the others at £7.00, but I couldn't resist.
What did Jake think of it...?

He was jumping around it so much, this is the clearest photo I managed to get with them!

A company I follow and have a lot of their items popped a photo of these on Facebook a few weeks ago, they somehow accidentally on purpose ended up in my etsy basket....!
I couldn't resist, and fought the urge to buy the whole 5 piece set priced at only £16.45, instead opting for these two which I liked the most!

CABfayre are a laser cutting brand, working mainly on acrylic or wood, but have an amazing range of jewellery that I seem to be collecting.
This year they have branched out into ornaments, starting with these Mean Girls inspired flattened quote baubles.
You can choose what colour or material you would like when ordering them too, and at the moment are a bargain £4.60 each!

They definitely add that kitsch cult classic affect that I adore so much, usually I keep all my kitsch hidden away in my office, but at this time of year I can turn the corner of our living room into a crazy grotto that would make any trailer look classy (I don't live in a trailer).

I've definitely managed to fill up this little tree, and I worried I didn't get enough....!
I think the kitsch angel sits perfectly atop the tree, and it doesn't look boring at all either, in fact rather the opposite.

Maybe next year we should buy a bigger tree.....
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