So it has been a while huh?!
It was a relief to see that although I haven't been posting, people have still been reading previous posts in my absence, so I guess now it's time to explain my absence!
This past month has been a month of many ch-ch-ch-changes, all of them for the better, and I had to take the time out to do all of this which will become clear soon.
The first big change I had to make was of course the most harmful, frankly stupid, and disgusting habit that I had to shake for the sake of my health, money, sanity and more.
It was smoking, as a sometimes ten sometimes twenty a day smoker, I had come to rely on the cigarettes to get me through all the stresses in life when really they were a big cause of the stress.
Here's the reasons I had to kick the habit :-
  1. They made me smell disgusting, when you smoke you have no idea as to how badly you smell cos of it, now when someone walks past me smoking, or sits next to me after having a cigarette the smell actually makes me feel slightly nauseous. Mainly as I would have smelled like that not long ago too.
  2. They are expensive, I have been smoking on and off for 12 years, back then packs cost me £2.10 for ten which every day meant I was spending £14.70 per week. Now they cost £5.10 a pack costing £35.70 per week....! A whole extra £20 per week! This means smoking costs £154.70 a month if smoking ten a day, £273.00 if smoking 20 a day.
  3. Hangovers are worse. Seriously. Without the cigarettes on a night out I actually don't feel too bad after a heady night out with friends, the most I feel is embarrassment at my dance moves...!
  4. No more standing out in the cold. In winter being a smoker is the worst, huddled under any ledge to hide from the wind and / or rain, shivering in your layers, struggling to light your cigarette just for those 10 minutes of nicotine. It's just daft really isn't it!
  5. I have more energy, like a lot more energy! Instead of trudging through waiting for my next cigarette break I can chill out and not be chewing the table legs. Tho the other changes may have also helped with this....
You may remember my recent post about getting up earlier, something I am still doing, which has lead to me naturally waking up about 7/8am every morning tho I have messed with it a little for some earlier mornings lately.
These days I'm usually getting up a little earlier to actually hit the gym...!
Yes, in the wake of my quitting smoking I also signed up for gym membership in a boost of healthy living, and I have been loving it.
I joined Pure Gym which I actually highly rate, full of friendly staff, easy to use and readily available equipment, plus plenty of free classes you can easily book via the phone app to encourage you to push just that bit harder.
I also pay an extra £4 a week to attend the yoga classes that are one of the few paid classes, but for £2 for an hour long class it's still a great deal, and I have really enjoyed these sessions that it makes it worth the 5am wake up call!
Already I have gained a stone in muscle, as someone who always slipped into the underweight category that kept having me told off by doctors, this is amazing, and I have built my B.M.I up to 19.5 which is pretty much as good as it could be, I've toned and pushed myself and already after 4 weeks I've had an amazing result.
If you are inspired or already love a good workout, I have been putting together some great gym compilations to keep me moving, but they aren't too great for yoga..!
  • Territorial Pissing by Nirvana, great for using on the cross trainer or step machine, it will keep you moving tho you may be doing an angry angst face during.
  • Queen Bitch by David Bowie, perfect for squat lifts, you'll be enjoying the song too much to realise just how much your thighs may be burning, thank Bowie for buns of steel!
  • Rise Above by Black Flag, great for those leg weight machines that feel somewhat like a gynaecological device so you can rise above and get that thigh gap thing thats suddenly so important these days.
  • Holidays in the Sun by the Sex Pistols, any song that has a shouting chorus of 'reason, reason' helps mid exercise, yes originally it was about the berlin wall, but now that's gone it can totally mean your cellulite....totally...
  • Where do you go to my Lovely by Peter Sarstedt, a very lovely song with a great waltz four beat, great for the treadmill as it'll keep your legs in the right two three repeat...
Not content with changing my bad habits, and exercise regime I have also forced myself to eat healthier, having been a pretty unhealthy eater previously with a thing for chips, now I have invested in a smoothie maker, filled our fridge with fresh fruit and vegetables, and eat mainly fruit and veg for all meals.
I'll start off my day with a homemade smoothie, changing it up every so often to keep life interesting, but also to give me a great energy boost first thing.
I've bought packs of chia seeds, hemp powder for extra protein, and ground flaxseed for all the extra omega 3's and 6's, and pop these into every smoothie too.
You can't really taste them but they make for a healthier more energetic body.
Usually I'll pack in some raw kale too and mix with coconut water for an amazing immune system boost, raise energy levels, and also keep me topped up on essential vitamins.
Here's a recipe however for my not working out kale free breakfast smoothie, I've been loving this one for lazier days when I'm not going to the gym..!

Breakfast smoothie Recipe
  • Strawberries, peaches, apricots, or banana. Any combination of these fruits will do!
  • Chia Seeds, they are a great source of energy, and expand in water so make you feel fuller longer as they will expand in your stomach.
  • Vanilla soya yoghurt, half a pot adds some creaminess and make for a lovely thick smoothie.
  • Almond milk, full of iron and tasty too!
  • Oats, add a little more thickness, but also it's quite tasty in a weird way, plus it makes it more breakfast like....!
So there we are, I may have been lacking in the writing department somewhat, but I've been kicking my own arse into shape (thanks squat lifts, 15kg lift at the mo!) and trying to make myself the best I could possibly force myself to be.
I still have a way to go yet, but I shall do my best to not turn into one of those annoying fitness blog types, I may however update occasionally on my progress, and post pictures of smoothies on my instagram.
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